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Complying with International Laws (GDPR)

 Date: March 19, 2018 |  Views: 45 |  Posted by: John Marx |  Reading Time: 6 Minutes, 54 Seconds

The EU on May 22, 2017, past a new law called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This law goes into effect in May of 2018. Many companies, like JM2, have already taken measures to comply with this law. Hopefully, you have been diligent in meeting these upcoming needs so that you don't get hit with fines. The EU is very much behind peoples privacy and this affects anyone that maintains any personal data about individuals. This law also affects companies in the United States! The internet is big and there are no physical boundaries for commerce. The United States is often behind when it comes to laws of personal protection and this one is very aggressive. By being in compliance today you are a lot closer to be ready for when the United States catches up to protecting consumers more.

Complying with International Laws (GDPR)

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