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Small Business eCommerce Solutions

Maintaining a website can become costly and take you away from running your business. With a business improvement plan the costs can be controlled and don't increase. We price lock you so you can easily budget for your business. You get best-in-class service and a dedicated team of professionals from graphic designers, content writers, customer service, and software developers in one place (we do not outsource). You never have to worry about someone going on vacation as every account has a primary and secondary contact and both cannot go on vacation at the same time. You can focus on what you do best; your business. Your employees can work on growing your business and doing their daily tasks.

Growing Small Business eCommerce Solutions

We have a great eCommerce solution for small businesses. There is no haggling and we always bring the best pricing to the table. We can do this as we know small business and focus solely on them. We know what a small business needs and we've built the tools for growth. If we don't have a solution we have software developers on-staff to create it for you.

  • Initial Build, $1,695 (fixed price); includes everything to get your business online in a professional and timely manner.
  • Year 2 (and beyond), $360/year; includes website hosting, TLS/SSL certificate (Green padlock), daily backups, enterprise class firewall, and Email.

Small Business eCommerce Website

Price:$1,695 (One-time)
  • Complete eCommerce solution
  • Responsive website designed for Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile devices
  • Turnaround is averages 6-8 weeks between test and going live. Times can be as quick as 2-3 weeks.
  • Everything from Small Business Website here
  • Read below for a complete list of everything included

Small Buiness eCommerce web hosting

Price:$360/year after the first year
  • Digicert TLS/SSL Certificate (Green Padlock)
  • Website Hosting
  • Daily Backups
  • Email
  • Server monitoring

Full Service Option (Our most popular!)

Get full service where we do all the data entry, customer contacts, digital marketing, and social media for you. You can focus on the growth of your company while we work on automating and getting your business out there. You have full access to everything as you would in the above only that you and/or your staff don't have to do the data entry (unless you want to).

To see our Small Business Improvement Plan pricing click here.

Core Website Plan

When it comes to eCommerce security needs to be paramount. Ease of use, security, and providing the information your clients need is critical to it's success. Our team is dedicated to small business eCommerce solutions and we work with you to provide a non-templated and non-branded solution that showcases your company.

Payment methods

nopCommerce allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards.

A store can be set to authorize only, or auth-capture credit card mode. nopCommerce supports refund (and partial refund) and void functionality.

Every country has its own payment preferences, that's why nopCommerce also allows you to limit payment methods per country.

nopCommerce has official technology partnership relations with major payment processors across the globe. This means exclusive marketing offers and pricing packages available for nopCommerce users.

nopCommerce is integrated with more than 50 payment methods and gateways:

  • Cash on delivery or Pay in store
  • Purchase order
  • Check/money order
  • Manual gateway (just collects order & payment information for offline processing)
  • 2Checkout
  • AliPay
  • Amazon
  • ANZ
  • Authorize.NET
  • Beanstream
  • bKash
  • BluePay
  • Braintree
  • Buckaroo
  • Cardconnect
  • CCAvenue
  • Cybersource
  • E-xact
  • EBS
  • EasyPayWay
  • Eway
  • First Data GGE4
  • G2A Pay
  • iPay88
  • Mollie
  • Ogone
  • PagSeguro
  • Paymill
  • PayPal
  • PayU
  • SagePay
  • SSLCommerz
  • Stripe
  • WorldPay
  • Other payment methods (50+)

Online eCommerce Payment Provider Information

There are a lot of companies that offer credit card services and the fees for many are similar. Each eCommerce client we add we always go over what the best payment provider is for them. Below is a list of several providers that we have used in the past twelve months. The list below is in alphabetical order. The choice of a payment provider is a business decision and not one where we believe we should push you one way or another. The prices below are for purchases within the United States. When sales go overseas the prices may differ. You can click on each of the company names and we have linked to the exact pricing page that the information is on so that you can get additional information beyond the provided chart.

Description Setup Fee Monthly Fee Trasaction % Trasaction Fee
Authorize.Net $0.00 $25.00 2.9% $0.30
Braintree (a PayPal Service) $0.00 $0.00 2.9% $0.30
Card Connect (Email: Tom Aldrich) $0.00 $0.00 < 2.9% < $0.30
PayPal Standard $0.00 $0.00 2.7-2.9% $0.30
PayPal Pro $0.00 $30.00 2.7-2.9% $0.30
Square $0.00 $0.00 2.75-3.5% $0.10-0.15
Stripe $0.00 $0.00 2.9% $0.30


  • Do you have a need for us to put in more than 25 products? Not a problem. We will start you out with our core package outlined above and help you with all the other products at a fair and reasonable price.
  • If you want a full-service solution so that you can foucs on running your business and pay less than it costs for a part-time employee, get one that is fully trained on Small Business eCommerce we recommend getting our Business Improvement Plans here


      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Branding None Powered by Shopify Powered by nopCommerce
PCI DSS compliant

Mobile Commerce

      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Mobile friendly
Responsive Design


      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Number of stores 1 1
Categories and manufacturers per store    
Products per store    
Content (news, blog, articles) per store    
Payments per store    
Shipping methods per store    
Tax rules per store    
Product prices per store    
Newsletters per store    
Graphical themes per store    
Order filtering and reports per store    


      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Number of Vendors

Product Features

      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Product Attributes
Product comparison  
Stock management  
Downloadable products
Rental products    
Recurring products  
Product tags  
Return management  
Multiple images per product
Featured products, sale products or new products
Bundle (e.g. Build your own computer) and grouped products    
Conditional product attributes    
Product specifications (e.g. processor, memory, graphic card)
Security. ACL (access control list) on products, categories, and manufacturers    
Configurable measure weights and dimensions
Import and export
Bulk editing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Search engine friendly
Localizable URLs    
URL Canonicalization
Google Analytics integration


      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Anonymous checkout  
One-page checkout
Checkout attributes  
Phone order support    
Multilingual and multicurrency support  
Configurable measure weights and dimensions
SSL support (secure browsing and checkout)
PDF order receipts


      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Reward Points System  
Related products  
Discounts and coupons
Newsletter subscriptions
News & Events
Custom Pages  
Gift cards
Product reviews and ratings
Product comparison sites  
Affiliate program    
SMS notfications to shoppers    
Social media sharing  

Payment Methods

      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Cash on delivery    
Pay in store    
Purchase order    
Check/money order    
Manual gateway

Shipping Features

      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Estimate shipping  
Pickup Points  
Packaging slips  
Shipping methods  

Tax features

      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Configuration of taxes by country, state, zip  
Individual products can be marked taxable or tax-exempt  
Tax classes for different products (e.g. goods, services, alcohol, etc)  
Some customer groups can be marked as tax exempt  
The European Union Value Added Tax (EU VAT) support (Company VAT Number)  
Store owners are able to specify "tax based on" billing/shipping/default/shipping origin address setting  
Prices can be displayed including or excluding tax  
Store owners are able to specify whether shipping is taxable  
Tax automation services integration  

Customer Service

      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
GDPR support
External authentication  
RTL support  
EU cookie law  
Customer attributes  
Security and permissions  
Web Services API  
Allow customers to register/login by email
Customers can view their order history and order statuses
Customer has an address book
Customer roles (groups)  
Live chat integration    
Customizable order emails
Private messages  
Time zone support
Password recovery
Several account registration/activation types such as automatic registration, email validation, or admin approval.
Image capture on login/registration
Contact us form
Customer activity log

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

      Most Popular
Description JM2 Shopify nopCommerce
Private User/Membership Portal    
Unlimited users on Accounts    
Assign tasks to users    

Anyone can create you the "best website". What separates Business YETI is our websites, eCommerce, search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media, graphic design, software developers, and reputation management work collaboratively to convert and help your small businesses grow without breaking the bank.

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