Web Design & eCommerce Solutions

We help small to medium sized businesses with amazing websites and eCommerce solutions. Each website created comes with a content management system or CMS, optimization for the search engines and local search, custom built design with no templates and no branding or advertising of our business on your website. We build solutions on our own CMS, WordPress, or Joomla systems for those in Northwest Indiana, Chicago Illinois, and throughout the United States.

Websites built with Industry Best Practices

  • Custom built (no templates) that is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • No branding (it is your business and should not advertise ours)
  • Training & documentation
  • Flat fee with no hidden charges
  • Lead generation
  • Custom contact form
  • ADA 508 Compliance
  • Built-in blog with social media integration
  • Google Analytics and Google My Business setup
  • SEO optimized
  • Digicert TLS/SSL Certificate (Green pad lock)
  • 24x7 server monitoring and server updates
  • First year of domain hosting, email, and enterprise firewall included
  • Manual submission to the search engines

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Requirements & Information Gathering

With every upgrade project or building a new website we sit down with you and learn what your requirements are and strategize on a solution that meets your current business needs. This kickoff meeting is where we get to understand your core needs deeper than our initial meetings. We define all the requirements, set time tables, and define the competitive functionality needed to perform in a way to bring customers to your company.

Information Architecture Strategy

As we design and build your website we will evaluate the servers used for your site, content strategy, and overall organization to meet the needs of your users. This optimization and architecture strategy helps us optimize the experience for your users as well as the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Every page of your website will have keywords that match your page setup, description for the search engines, proper titles, alternate text for the images, images optimized for viewing online, robots.txt, structured meta data, XML site map, proper 301 redirects for any pages that have changed, and more. Part of the process is testing the overall speed of the site to provide a fast and responsive experience for your users.


Security is an important piece for any business online. We make certain that every site has a Digicert TLS (newer version of SSL or Green Pad Lock). Part of the security setup process after making certain every page shows with the green pad lock is setting up a proper daily backup schedule for the website and the database your website is built on. The final piece is setting any required firewall rules that are needed for your website.

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Google Analytics & Google My Business Setup

Knowing who your visitors to your site are you can better improve the site to meet their needs and adjust your branding and marketing efforts to your potential customers. With Google, My Business we can get your information on Google Search and Maps with your proper business name, phone number, and directions. Google My Business will also give you a spot to receive reviews that help with your search results.

UAT (User Assisted Testing) & Post Launch Evaluation

During the entire design process, we utilize a private web server for you to evaluate, share with your internal (and external) testing team to provide feedback and information about the new or upgraded website we are building for you. The testing server allows for not only testing of the visual aspects, content and pictures but also the test the site speed, industry standards, browser testing, mobile testing, and more. With this test environment, we can make certain your new presentation to your customers is as polished as possible.

Social Media Setup

A website is a great avenue to reach your customers. It should not be your only avenue of engaging your audience. Having a properly setup and configured social media account is crucial to having a consistent experience for your customers. We will make certain you have the right logos, cover page with matching consistency with your website, and make certain the information is accurate.

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Part of any good solution where you will be maintaining you need to make certain the proper people in your organization are trained, understand how to use the content management system as well as can perform daily, weekly, and monthly duties that you request of them. With every project, we will sit down with you and train the individuals you want to know how to maintain your website. You will not be limited to an hour or two. You will receive the training until you are confident your team can handle their job duties.

On-going Support

Our team of customer service experts are well versed in the art of content management systems. Every client has a primary and secondary customer service representative. You are provided two people as we expect that there will be times that you have a question and one may not be available. By providing two experts who contact you monthly as part of their checkup process you can rest assured that you will always have someone who knows your account.

Search Engine Submission

Every new site whether it be an upgrade or completely new will be manually submitted to the major search engines that your website is designed for. This would-be Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for the United States and a completely different set of search engines if you are overseas.