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Rock the Social Training Courses

Education and learning how to better market yourself and your company is done through our Rock the Social courses where you can get low cost, high-quality, education that can be used immediately at the end of these short 4-hour courses.

Rock the Social is the name of our training service. We provided dedicated training from our Valparaiso Indiana location and make training available to the masses without breaking your pocket book. Rock the Social serves all of the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland areas. We utilize the best experts found throughout Northwest Indiana to teach and educate you the latest techniques that will help you improve your skills using digital mediums.

Courses are set to four hours and start in the morning so that you have the rest of the day to be productive, get your work done, and start to implement the items you've learned.

Rock the Social

A key piece of the Rock the Social training is we will work with businesses both for profit and not-for-profit that open their doors to the public. We routinely do this for Chamber of Commerce, banking facilities, and other organizations that want to educate their members. These are quick introductions question and answer sessions, as well as spotlights for our team to show their expertise to your members. We do this for no cost to your business.

Standard Course Structure

The instructors are allowed to change up the schedule to meet the courses unique needs but will typically be close to this format:

  • 08:00 to 08:05 - Cover course objectives
  • 08:05 to 08:15 - Introductions and list what you want to learn
  • 08:15 to 09:45 - First-half of the course
  • 09:45 to 10:00 - Break
  • 10:00 to 11:30 - Second-half of the course
  • 11:30 to 12:00 - Question & Answer

Note: All times are in Central (Chicago) time


Each course is structured that the information presented is clear, concise, and designed to help you immediately take action on what you've learned.

With every course you will receive printed materials of all of the slides so that you can take notes.

Learn about the available courses here.

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