Text Messaging Marketing Loyalty Program

JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing has the experience and technology needed to start your digital marketing for bulk text messaging to your customers. Our solution gives you everything you need to meet the growing demands of staying in-touch with your loyal customers. Each message that is sent can be targeted to a specific set of customers by country, state or city to further narrow your audience.

Websites built with Industry Best Practices

  • Full-Service Solution - Nothing for you or your staff to learn!
  • Scheduling
  • Send text or picture messages
  • Longevity or time based messages
  • Age verification
  • Birthday texts
  • Social media integration
  • 100% carrier compliance
  • Detailed analytics provided monthly
  • Double opt-in capable
  • Unique coupon codes per text
  • Auto replies
  • Text to win marketing campaigns
  • Signup through your website
  • Customized text for new subscribers
  • Segment your customers for more targeted texts
  • Never a charge for incoming texts
  • No limit to the number of subscribers

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Full-Service Solution

It is hard to get a full-service in a day of self service. The reason we offer a solution that does everything is to make certain that you are taken care of and the solution is completely successful to drive revenue, customer awareness, and customer loyalty to your company brand.

Text Message Scheduling

Sending mass text messages couldn't be easier to your customers. Each message can contain up to 150 characters of text. You call, email, or meet with us. We go over what you want to say and make certain everything is right. We then schedule your text to go out whether it is a minute from the time it is entered or weeks or months in advance. We help to make your life stress-free and focused on running your business!

MMS Text Message Scheduling

Our MMS (Multimedia Message Service) allows you to send not only text messages like above with 1,200 characters of text but also the ability to include a specialized image that we make certain is fully optimized for you for email. Even though text messages have extremely high open rates, sometimes people do still choose to ignore them. Think about it though. When was the last time you ignored a picture message that was sent to your phone? Probably never. The point is that MMS marketing & picture messaging open up a completely new window of opportunity for communication. MMS is sure to help you get the word across ever better.

Facebook Integration

Kill two birds with one stone with our Facebook integration. With just 1 extra click, you can cross post your text messages to Facebook as well. You even have the option of tweaking your Facebook post so it can be different from your text! Rather than have a "show this text" message sent you can say "mention this Facebook post" to get the same deal.

Age Verification

In some cases, you may find yourself only wanting to market to people over a particular age. We can enable our age verification service, set your age requirement to none (default), 18+, or 21+. Users will have to reply with their date of birth before subscribing. Only those who meet the age requirement will be able to join your program!


Easily collect peoples' birthdays when they subscribe to your text list. Then, when their special day arrives, our system will automatically send them your birthday text message of your choosing. You can control everything for the given message! You literally set it and forget it while keeping a constant touch on your customer as part of your marketing efforts.

Carrier Compliance

Carrier and CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) compliance is a top priority for our solution. We strive to maintain a 100% compliant platform through the efforts of our in-house audit and development team. From proper disclaimers to opt-in management, rest assured that we have your back.

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Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are an automated feature that allows you to send a series of time-delayed text messages to subscribers after they join your texting list. It's an extremely handy tool that helps you continuously interact with your subscribers.

Detailed Analytics

Gain some incredibly useful insight into your text marketing efforts.
The following are only some of the key items you'll receive:

Double Opt-In

In some cases, you may want your customers to "double opt in" to your text marketing lists. This requires people to reply "yes" to confirm their subscription before being added to a list. This is only an option available to you but a great way of making certain that you have the best list possible.

Unique Coupon Codes

Need to provide a unique coupon code to each individual subscriber that signs up? If you want to track each individual subscriber we can do that when sending out an outbound campaign message?

Auto Replies

Auto replies are the messages that your customers receive after sending in their text word to subscribe to your list. These are routinely updated often to keep your list fresh and provide additional value to your subscribers.

Text to Win

Contests are a great way to engage your audience and build your list at the same time! Have people text your keyword to enter for a chance to win. We activate, run, and complete your contests. We randomly award your winners and we do it all 100% automatically for you.

Website Signup

We will work with you to incorporate a website or Facebook signup page to allow your visitors to sign up for your text lists right there! When doing it this way we always recommend having the double opt-in in-place so that people can't signup someone without their knowledge.

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One Per Person

Many times you'll find yourself offering an extra special deal for new subscribers who join your text marketing list. To keep people from abusing that deal, this feature only allows each person to get your welcome auto reply once. If they opt out and then opt back in, they'll get a welcome back message instead as we want to watch your bottom line.

Link Tracking

As part of the detailed analytics if you include links in your message to your customers we'll track that information so that you will know exactly how many people clicked on your links and how effective the message was!

Dynamic Expiration Dates

Our dynamic expiration date feature allows you to set a specific offer expiration in any of your auto replies & outgoing birthday messages. Simply specify a set number of days, and the auto reply will include an expiration date that reflects that number.

Segment Your Subscribers

With our segmenting tools we can easily create "subgroups" within your text marketing lists based upon subscriber data like area code, city, state, date subscribed an more!

Self Cleaning Subscriber Lists

What happens if a person changes their number, a line gets shut off, or you accidentally add a landline to your list? No worries here! Our system is constantly watching for dead numbers and automatically removes them when we spot one. This saves you from sending messages to numbers that don't exist and saving on your own bottom line.

No Charge for Incoming Messages

Incoming messages are 100% free! You only pay for the messages you send out.

Store Unlimited Subscribers

Have as many phone numbers signed up for your text marketing / SMS marketing lists as possible. We'll never limit your list size!