Microsoft SharePoint

JM2 Webdesigners out of Valparaiso, Indiana works with Microsoft SharePoint to help businesses take advantage of the collaboration software that businesses can use to be productive and improve user efficiency. Whether helping update, secure, build customer applications, integration with, or migrating from your on-premise file server environment to a modern and robust SharePoint environment.


SharePoint is used by organizations to create internal as well as external websites. You use SharePoint as a secure platform to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device. SharePoint is compatibility with all major web browsers and can run on-premise (at your location) or in the cloud in either your own private server or as part of Office 365. "SharePoint" can be used to refer to multiple SharePoint products and technologies.

SharePoint Content Types

One of the most powerful components of SharePoint are content types. Content types is a term used to describe a collection of metadata. For example, an invoice content type may contain a set of metadata such as buyer, date of sale, terms of delivery, order total, shipping cost, etc.

You attach your content type to either a list or library in order to create items based on the content type. Generally, you can attach content types that inherit from the Document content type to a library and content types that inherit from the Item content type to most other lists.


Having a place to store your data and information in a secure and robust way is great. But not having a mechanism to find the information would be horrible. When using file shares you are either a hit or miss. Using SharePoint Search functionality, especially since 2013 and later, you can not only find your information but set rules for displaying the information in a way that is optimized for your business.


One of the strengths of SharePoint is the use of workflows. A workflow can be as simple as kicking off an email stating you have a new document that needs to be approved. The purpose of workflows is to help streamline your business processes and have the computer system help you achieve your business goals. This type of automation is exactly what computers are supposed to help us do.


Part of the power of SharePoint is its ability to collaborate. Whether internally within your organization or externally with outside clients and vendors. You can integrate Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, Lync and Yammer.


When it comes to forms and SharePoint the company we have used in solving complex form and workflow solutions for both online and on-premise solutions is Nintex. Utilizing Nintex Forms and workflow you can put all of your forms online with offline capability (optional) and solve complex problems in a relatively short period of time.


Any talk on SharePoint would not be complete without talking about security. Having all of your data in one place is both a blessing and a curse. It can make finding the information quick and easy but if not setup correctly everyone has easy access to everything. This is where SharePoint security comes into play. Every aspect of SharePoint is designed with security in mind. This means you can give access to those that need it while protecting the information from those that don't need it.

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