Custom Programming

JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing is unique in that we not only build great websites but have a software development team that has been building enterprise grade software for over 20 years. The solutions that we build work for one user up to several thousand simultaneous users. This allows us to create solutions to solve your business problems and improve your overall business processes. We work with the latest technology that is proven for an enterprise. Whether your business is just one person or several thousand you can be assured a solution that grows with you.

Websites built with Industry Best Practices

  • Agile software development techniques
  • Project management for every custom project
  • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, and Web projects
  • Our development team has daily standup meetings
  • Wireframing for projects is done for high-level project defining
  • Microsoft enterprise technologies used

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Building application is no longer starting and years later releasing the product to your employees and customers. Companies need to be agile and release software in smaller sprints. By doing this a company is being agile to the change of the business. New functionality can be incorporated at a faster cadence and help improve overall business processes; often ahead of the competition.

Project Management

No matter the size of your project there will be a product owner who is ultimately responsible for each iteration and cycle of the project. JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing makes certain that projects are met on-time, on-budget, and with the agreed upon features. As new requirements come to light they are put into a phase to be incorporated in the process. We make certain that each step goes through and is constantly being tested and that the information meets the clients needs.

Stand Up Meetings

Meetings are always a sore subject to anyone in business as they can be either productive or more likely a big time waste. JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing performs what are known as Daily Scrum Meetings. These meetings consist in covering the previous days activity (while standing up!), what is on their agenda for the coming days activities and hurdles they are currently having. These meetings are time-boxed to be a maximum of 15-minutes and happen first thing in the morning.


Creating a wireframe gives the client, developer, project manager, testers, and graphic designer an opportunity to take a critical look at the structure of the website or program. This upfront time spent allows them to make revisions easily early on in the process and avoid "going back to the drawing board". A wireframe will save you not only time on a project but often money by seeing potential pitfalls in a design ahead of time.


With all of the available technologies out there it is important to choose a platform to build on that will be around for years to come as well as be able to be supported. The solution should be able to extend from a solo-entrepreneur to a large enterprise while keeping costs to a minimum and having a team that is constantly supporting it. Microsoft has ventured into open source as well as continues to develop their proprietary solutions. This gives JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing the best of both worlds. A large wealth of open source software developers but also the resources of a global enterprise company.