If you are not investing in your business how do you expect it to grow?

Package Pricing

Business YETI offers service packages that fit 80% of all growing small and medium-sized businesses. The remaining 20% need specialized plans to help them achieve their growth objectives that are outside of lead generation and brand marketing. The options listed can be overwhelming. Our team members can help you choose the plan that is right for your current needs.

Content Writing SEO Social Marketing Digital Marketing
Pricing Information
Account Setup (included in new website, one-time)   $150 $150 $150
New Website (if needed, one-time)   $1,850 n/a $1,850
Monthly price   $150 $250 $395
Hourly price $85 $65 $65 $65
Price Locked  
Articles / Content Writing
Written Articles As Requested 1/Quarter 1/Quarter 1/Monthly
Sending Newsletter
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Unlimited Accounts & Leads    
Customer Portal    
Document Storage    
File Manager    
Import & Export    
Product & Inventory Management    
Project Management    
Unlimited Users    
Storage   50 gigabytes   100 gigabytes
Cost for additional storage (extra $/month)   $2 per gigabyte   $2 per gigabyte
Customer Service
Dedicated Support Team
24x7 Customer Portal
Email Hosting
IMAP, AWS, MAPI, and POP3    
Webmail & Outlook Integration    
Email Addresses   10   10
Additional Email Addresses (each/month)   $3   $3
Unlimited Email Aliases (Groups)    
Daily Backups    
HIPPA Compliant    
Email Archiving (inbound and/or outbound) (extra $/month)   $2 per gigabyte   $2 per gigabyte
Reputation Management
Review Funnel Landing Page    
Segment Positive & Negative Reviews    
Review Email Message Requests    
SEO-friendly schema markup for reviews    
Review widget for website    
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Initial Search Engine Submission    
Search Engine Updates    
Local Directory Submission    
Local Directory Updates    
Quarterly Reports    
Weekly Updates    
Broken Link Fixes    
Image Alt Text Optimization    
Image Sizing Optimization    
On-Page Optimization    
Page Description Optimization    
Site Map & Robots.txt    
Proper Structured META Data    
Google Analytics Funnel Optimization    
SEO Locations   1   1
Additional SEO Location Cost   $25   $25
Social Media Management
Branding Consistency    
Posting Consistency    
Posting Scheduling    
Posting Review Portal    
Handling of group page (Facebook)    
Emergency Posts    
Replying to inquiries    
Keeping social media account accurate    
Handling Public Relations (PR) issues    
Spam monitoring & removal    
Uploading of videos to YouTube    
Channels     1 2
Additional Channels (each/month)     $120 $120
Available Channels     Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube
Unlimited Pages    
Products (eCommerce sites)   25   50
Unlimited Updates    
Monthly PCI Compliance Testing (eCommerce)    
Annual PCI Compliance Submission    
Enterprise Firewall    
Encrypted Daily Backups    
Content Delivery Network (CDN)    
SSL / TLS Certificate    
24x7 Server Monitoring    
24x7 Website Monitoring    
Intrusion Detection & Blocking    
Google Analytics Setup    
Facebook Pixel Setup    
Annual Domain Registration