If you are not investing in your business how do you expect it to grow?

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Effective copywriting can bring your audience quickly into your world, convert from them from being browsers to customers, and will help move you positively up on the search engines.

Websites built with Industry Best Practices

  • Custom content writing for your business
  • Targeted content based on the pages purpose
  • Consistent voice throughout every page
  • Custom writing for different mediums like web, print, radio, and newspaper
  • SEO optimized content that meets the companies needs
  • Optimized to answer the questions of your customers

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Building stellar copywriting with a personalized content strategy

From the time the type hits the electronic paper, your headline calls to action what is going to come on your landing pages. Compelling copy is necessary across all platforms that your company engages in to convey a brand personality that connects with your target audience and brings out the personality of your company.

Focused content with your branding in mind

People prefer companies that have personality, culture, and have a human voice in their writing that is consistent across every page they go to. Regardless of whether your business is business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B), developing and maintaining a consistent brand voice across all facets of your digital marketing strategy is essential to building long lasting relationships that will maximize customer lifetime value.

Identifying and relating to your target audience

It's not enough to just assume or guess about your general demographic and hope that your sales pitch will convert them into paying customers. You need to perform proper research into your niche audience. A persona needs to be created and tested against all pages that have content. By connecting to each of these personas, you can specifically address their expectations. With an effective copywriting strategy, you will speed up the conversion process.

Writing for different media types

The wording and style of a newspaper should not be identical to that of a website or social media post. When a potential customer comes to your website, each one is at a different phase in the conversion funnel process. When they come to your website they will want to interact with your brand differently. Copy across your digital presence must retain a common theme and a consistent voice while also exhibiting versatility to take advantage of each unique digital platform and each level in the process the customer is at.

SEO-friendly copy and creating valuable content your reader wants

Organic traffic from search engines is still the most effective and cost effective way to generate leads for your business. Writing with SEO and highly ranked industry keywords in mind will leapfrog you over your competitors but should not confuse those that don't necessarily know all the terminology. Your website should help every person in the conversion process and that will get your website ranking appropriately for what you want. By producing valuable content that will garner links from websites with high domain authorities, your website should see an increase in traffic volume and more qualified leads.

Optimized copywriting for the most effective landing pages

The last place businesses want to lose potential customers is at a user's point of entry into their business's conversion funnel. The landing page should not be thought of as just the homepage of your website. Someone coming to your business can reach into it from any page. The homepage is the most common landing page but all your pages are truly landing pages. To get users to convert, pages must have a descriptive, a clear page title, explain why the product or service is better than the competition, answer all the questions they currently have, and have a persuasive call-to-action. Landing page copy can be the determining factor between a successful conversion and a lost potential sale.