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Real Estate Web Design & Digital Marketing Solutions

Real estate companies and agents need a solution that help them educate, inform, and provide valuable information to those visiting their site. We constantly are talking to franchises to educate their agents. Realtors need a solution that can keep track of who is visiting, allow for those in the community to signup to be notified, easy-to-use, secure, and provides value. Our solution is specialized in this manner where you truly get a solution that covers everything you need at a price that works for you.

We are not (and you are not) Zillow

Realtors will often have a realtor coming in and asking us to create them the next "Zillow". Zillow is a great company who is also a real estate agency for themselves. They are one of the largest purchasers and re-sellers (home flippers) in the country.

As a real estate agent in your local community that is not who you are (today). With a lot of hard work, marketing, and branding you could achieve this but it is honestly not very likely. You need a solution that focuses on your community and getting you to grow in your backyard. If you want a solution that can, and will, grow with you our solution will do that but we will start you out with your local MLS that you are authorized to sell with.


  • A complete and NON-templated website using your colors and branding. If you don't have any branding or colors yet our graphic design team will work with you to establish a corporate identity.
  • Social media integration for sharing of pages
  • Fully responsive and mobile experience
  • Search engine to search all pages and member profiles
  • Blog setup - can help with SEO as well as staying in contact with your members
  • Feature complete obituary that is promoted nationally (if you want -- this can be turned off) for no additional charge
  • Easy to use photo gallery

Realtor Specific Features

  • Complete Real Estate module
  • Property Specific Pages (just pay for the domain)
    • Add your own domain.com (e.g. 123MainStreetValparaiso.com) so people can go directly to your property
    • Unlimited templates for the individual pages
    • Pulls all the information from your main site (no maintaining multiple sites)
    • All the features of the regular site only that it is for a single property
    • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, and AMP ready
  • Photo gallery with unlimited photos
  • Mortage calculator
  • Contact form
  • Request viewing form
  • Show city specific information for schools, median incomes, and more

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM solution that is built solely for small business growth.

  • Unlimited Accounts & Leads
    • Excel exports
    • Easy conversion from a lead to an account
  • Tasks
  • Downloads
  • Email Marketing
  • Unlimited users

Search Engine Optization (SEO)

  • Google Analytics
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Manual submission to the search engines
  • SiteMap creation
  • META tags for social media and optimal search engine integration

Updates & Security

  • As the system gains features you gain those features for no additional costs
  • Enterprise class security firewall
  • Daily backups
  • Server monitoring
  • Website monitoring

Current Exclusive Single Page Real Estate Pages

The locations below have been bought for exclusive access to our single page real estate pages. Realtors like to be the only one in their area and the realtors thta have purchased the locations below are all that way.


Upfront Pricing Model

We believe in honesty (rule #1 for us) and that you shouldn't have to dig, provide your information, or be hounded if you are not interested. Unlike many we will price lock you into the plan you are at. If you change plans you just move into that current plan pricing and are again price locked. We call this the anti-Xfinity plan where your price stays the same rather than increasing month-after-month. Beyond our primary plans below we have a custom marketing plan that is custom made for you, and our progressive plan that pushes you harder than you've ever been pushed before.

Choose one of hte items from Website Design and one item from Marketing Plan and that's all there is to it. We believe in keeping everything as simple as possible. We also understand this is a large decision as well as a complex one with all of the options available to you. We offer a free, no obligation, initial meeting to figure out if what we offer works for you or not, and what would be the best option for you.

Website Design - Choose 1

Website (Takeover)

Price: $130 (One-time)

Keep your existing and gain all the features that we offer for less.

  • Migrate hosting to an enterprise class server
  • Update all security within site (plugins, site, etc.)
  • Set daily backup schedule
  • Configure Enterprise firewall
  • Email (Optional) Setup & Migration

Website (New)

Price: $795 (One-time)

For those starting out, wanting/needing an upgrade, or have no other option.

  • 10 pages (to start)
  • Google Map Integration
  • Responsive website designed for Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile devices
  • No branding
  • Custom contact form
  • Blog setup (can help with SEO)
  • Access to all of our stock photo library
  • Logo Design (if needed) and Logo Vectored (if needed)
  • Blog setup - can help with SEO as well as staying in contact with your members
  • Turnaround averages 6-8 weeks between test and going live. Times can be as quick as 2-3 weeks.
  • Custom profile page for each person
  • Access to the central obituary site indefinitely for your members
  • Read below for a complete list of everything included

Website (Custom)

No solution every fits everyone's unique needs. This is where our custom solution comes in. We will work with you on a solution that fits your unique needs.

Plan - Choose 1

Business Starter

Price: $99.95 / Month
  • For those just getting started on limited budgets
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Local Serach Engine Optimization
    • Correct titles, descriptions, & site map
    • Setup Google Analytics, Google My Business, Bing Business, & Yelp
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
    • First $2,500 of month ad spend at 14.00%
    • Current platforms we support: Bing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • 2 articles written for your business per year
  • 1-hour of graphic design, software development each month
    • $65/hour (billed in 15-minute increments)
  • Site Maps
  • 24x7 Web Server Monitoring, Daily Backups, and an enterprise firewall
  • Dedicated primary and secondary customer service team personnel
  • If you have more than one location you want and want separate Google listings for each they are $45 / Month each
  • Read below for a complete list of everything included in the SEO Plan

Marketing Starter

Price: $245 / Month
  • For businesses ready to start their full growth potential
  • Everything included in the Business Starter, plus:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Continual search engine updates
    • Monthly SEO reports
    • Broken link fixes
    • Backlink monitoring
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
    • First $2,500 of month ad spend at 12.00%
    • Current platforms we support: Bing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Review & Reputation Management
    • Collect reviews via web & email
    • Review widget on website
    • Challenge with local directories for inaccurate reviews
    • Monitor the internet for mentions of your business
  • Quarterly articles written for your business per year
  • 2-hours of graphic design, software development each month
  • Private SEO Dashboard of all your statistics
  • 40+ high quality local business directories
  • 24x7 Website Monitoring, Daily Backups, and an enterprise firewall
  • Manual submission to the search engines
  • 1 lead pages lead generation section (can use as many times on the site as you wish)
  • Unlimited Website Updates
  • If you have more than one location you want and want separate Google listings for each they are $45 / Month each

Integrated Marketing

Price: $395 / Month
  • Everything included in the SEO Plan, plus:
  • Complete marketing and branding plan created
  • Social media
    • First social media platform
      • Instagram is included with Facebook
      • Additional channels are $150/each
    • Posts (based on marketing plan)
    • Replying and answering fans
    • Creation of social covers
    • Page setup & on-going page maintenance
    • SPAM monitoring & removal
    • Page verification
    • Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  • Quarterly videos created or editing of your video
  • Monthly Newsletter to subscribers
  • Increase lead generation to 6 leads generation sections
  • Monthly articles written for your business per year
  • 2-hours of graphic design, software development each month

Anyone can create you the "best website". What separates Business YETI is our websites, eCommerce, search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media, graphic design, software developers, and reputation management work collaboratively to convert and help your small businesses grow without breaking the bank.

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