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Module: Testimonials

 MODIFIED Date: 2/12/2021 |  User Level: Regular User |  Views: 1,555


Provides a mechanism for displaying one or more testimonials on your website. These testimonials are able to be displayed as a list on a testimonials page, randomly or specifically within the website.

Key Features

  • Send out review requests to one or more individuals.
  • Multiple layouts and views.
  • Manual testimonial entry.


You will need to have a valid system login that has been granted access to the Testimonials module.

Sample Screenshot

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Testimonials Module - Grid
Testimonials Module - Edit

Adding & Editing

  • General Information
    • Short Testimonial: Fill in the Short Testimonial (this is just a brief summary of the testimonial - up to 250 characters).
    • Full Testimonial: Fill in the Full Testimonial (this is for the entire testimonial).
    • Testimonial Date: This is the date of the testimonial.
    • Type: The type of testimonial for the backend information to display to the search engines. Default types available are:
      • Book
      • Local Business
      • Event
      • Movie
      • Person
    • Source: Fill this in if the source is outside of your website (e.g., Yelp, Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.).
    • Source URL: If this is from another site add the direct link to the testimonial.
    • First Name: This is the first name of who the testimonial from.
    • Last Name: This is the last name of who the testimonial from.
    • Display Name: This is the full or display name of who the testimonial from.
    • Email Address: This is the persons email address.
    • Rating: This is the start rating (1 [lowest] to 5 [highest]) for the testimonial.
    • Rating (Max): This is the maximum rating that the user is allowed to give for this rating.
      • Note: The maximum rating is used in calculating and totaling all of the testimonials that are being displayed for the search engines.
    • Display Order: If you want certain testimonials to appear before or after others make the display order higher or lower.
    • Tags: Allows you to group your testimonials so that they can be displayed in different areas of your website.
    • Notes: Any notes that you have on the testimonial.
    • Active: The testimonial is active and can be used (if it is approved).
    • Review Sent: Is checked if a review request was sent to the customer.
    • Send Review: This will send a review request email to the persons email address.
    • Approved: The testimonial is approved.
    • Approved Date: The date the testimonial was approved.
    • Approved By: Who was the person that approved the testimonial.
    • Image: Any image associated with the testimonial.

Tips & Tricks

  • Reviews will only be shown when active and approved are checked.

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