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Search and Replace

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Search and Replace is a very powerful tool. Therefore it is also the most dangerous. I don’t say this lightly. One must use it with caution. I’ll cover everything about the Search and Replace module and why it’s so powerful and dangerous in further detail in this KB article. The contents of this KB Article are as  outlined below:

  • Search and Replace

    • A Word of Caution  

    • How to Perform a Search and Replace

A Word of Caution

What is so powerful and dangerous about this tool? Well in short it has to do with the scope of the  search itself. The scope over which it searches is not just text that is viewable on the site. It also searches the code that generates the site. Now this is great if you know exactly what needs to be replaced. You must also  know that what you’re searching won’t find anything that you don’t want to replace. Very quickly a poor Search and Replace can result in a broken site if in the wrong hands. For that reason permissions for this module are  reserved for very experienced users.

How to Perform a Search and Replace

To start  simply click on the Search and Replace module. After doing so you’ll see something like this:



There are  two fields, Search and Replace, to fill out. On the  right side there’s a list with the header of Modules to Update. From there you can select from what  modules you’re searching. When you have done those things simply press the “Perform Search and Replace” button. At this  point the search is performed.

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