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Logs is a very simple application that allows you to peer into  what the CMS is processing. If there are errors that you’re experiencing then this is where you might find the cause. I’ll cover everything about the Logs module in further detail  as outlined below:

  • Selecting a log file

    • Common Categories

    • Payloads

    • IP Addresses

  • Search and Sort

Selecting a Log File


These are  used to defined where in the application the log is coming from. Below are some examples:

  • User Detail Select

  • App Setting Single Select

  • Dashboard Normal


This simply represents the  message that is carried in the  log file. An example of a pay load is the following: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

XML Payloads  

An  XML payload is basically the same as a Payload except that instead of  just plain text it is plain text formatted using XML.

IP Addresses

The IP address  tells you where in the  world the log file was triggered. This allows you to  hone in on who caused the issue. From there you can ask for  further details from that individual.

Search and Sort

When you  click on the Logs  module or go back to the  Logs list from viewing a log you should see something like this:

The use of these types of searches are covered extensively in the Search and Sort KB article here.


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