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The Downloads module does not only allow your users to download things off your site. It also allows you to filter who can see each download, filter when the  download if available, as well as information about the download like how many views it has received. I’ll cover everything in further detail as outlined below:

  • Adding a New Download

  • Downloads List

    • Search and Sort

    • Edit/Delete/View

Adding a New Download

When you start using the downloads module for the  first time there won’t be any downloads listed on the  main page of the Downloads module. It will look like this:

Since there’s not much that we can do when there are not  downloads listed we’ll cover this part of the module after we have our first download setup. Let’s start by clicking on the “Add New” button. When clicked you should see something like this:


There are many fields here  to cover. Let’s go over them one by one.

  • Account - This field allows you to make the  download available to only a specific account

Note: One must have user accounts setup in order to  specify an account.

  • Category - This simply helps  organize your downloads within the  download list.

  • Description (Short/Long) - The  descriptions allow you to define the  purpose of the download as well as the  contents of it.

  • Download Date($) -   

  • Start/End Date- This  determines when the download will be  visible.

  • Active Checkbox - If this  is not checked then the download won’t  show. If it is, it will be shown so long as the current time is at or within the  start and end date.

  • Attach Document ($)- Define the name of the  document that will show in place of the text for the Document URL?

  • Select Document - The select button  allows you to choose the document that  you would like people to download.

  • Document URL (Shareable) - This  URL can be copied and pasted anywhere. When  people click it they’ll be able to download the document you select.  

  • Document URL - This URL can be pasted in the  HTML of a website. If you want to paste it on one of your pages then you can follow the following steps:

    • Go to the Page Content or Blogs.

    • Then edit one of your Blogs or Page Content

    • Click on  “html” below where content is  typed

  • Download Views - This just tells you how many times the download  has been gone to.

Once you’ve filled out the fields that you’d like to  fill out. The download should show in the download list. Let’s move on to that.  


Downloads List

Now when you click on return to download. You should see the following:

Search and Sort

If you  have a lot of  downloads then it’s  a good idea to use this feature.  I’ve written about it in the “Search and Sort” module before if you’d like to learn more.

Edit/ Delete /View

As you can see there are 3 actions that you can perform on the download from the  downloads list. Let’s go over them now:

  • Edit - Clicking this results in the  same menu that you found in the Add New Download page  

  • Delete - This  deletes the  download and all the information you created for it.

  • View - This allows you to download the file that  you specified when creating the download.

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