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Login, Create, and Recover Password

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Login, Create, and Recover your password To log into the system you will go to https://yourdomain/Portal/. By going to /Portal/ you will be prompted with a screen similar to the one on the right. The look-and-feel will vary based on your settings and how you’ve opted to configure the page.

The Account Number is not enabled by default and is only enabled if you are using this functionality. If you do have the account number you will need to check if one is needed for your account or not. This is not case sensitive.

Email Address is your assigned email address. This is not case sensitive but must be active within the system.

The Password is CaSe sensitive and must be typed in exactly.

Click Log into the portal to log in.



If you do not already have an account you can click on the Register option to create an account. Once you register you may or may not have access depending upon the system settings. The default is that you will have access to nothing within the system upon registration and the designated administrators will need to provide you with the proper security access.

Fill in your email address, account code (only shows if enabled within the system), first name, last name, phone number, birthday, and your desired password (twice), and then click on Create an account.

Note: The top passwords (e.g. password) are not allowed and will prevent you from creating an account with these known bad passwords.

Recover Password


It is common with as many passwords that we maintain that we will forget a password. To overcome this, you can go to the Recover your password option.

Enter your email address and click on Recover Password. The system will either send you your current password (default) or assign you a new password.

Note: If your system is set to use an account code and your account is associated with one make certain to put this in or your password recover attempt will not work.

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