eCommerce Killers

eCommerce Killers

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We are starting the year off about how to prevent abandonment issues with your eCommerce site. Abandonment issues are the true killer of any eCommerce site. We are going to cover the major issues that we’ve seen in regard to visitors coming to an eCommerce site and abandon their shopping cart.


Whether you have an eCommerce site or business site how it performs is critical to the success of your website. When you use stock templates you will find they are built to be reasonably well but are not optimized for performance. Having a fast and user friendly site will keep your visitors wanting to continue on within your site.

Forced to register

We all want users to register and give us all their information so that we can further target sales, contact them, and give us information so that we can increase our overall bottom line. Having your eCommerce site setup so that people can purchase your products and services without requiring registration will increase your sales to those that do not want to register with you.

Too many questions

We can all agree that providing simplicity rather than complexity to our customers will greatly help increase sales. Many checkout processes want to know everything including your first, second, and third born. This is why companies like get an increase in sales. Over time people will give this information freely but initially they want to get in and out. This is why during the checkout process people are going to as short of a process as possible.


Security concerns

Most users on the Internet know that the lock in your address bar is crucial to protecting your identity as well as their financial interests. When people go to a website and you do not see a secure connection and they are asked to give their confidential information people will leave as they have read and heard too many concerns of security breaches.

eCommerce Delivery

Unsuitable delivery

The lowest of concerns but still a large concern for people is the shipment of what they are purchasing. This could be related to costing too much, the delivery time taking too long, or any other reason that the customer believes they are looking for.


We all hate when our computers crash. The same is true for a website. The site itself might not crash and need to be rebooted. The site could lose the items in your cart, provide incorrect dollar values, someone might log in as you, or something entirely different. When a crash on a website happens trust is lost and the success of selling any product or service online requires trust.


Unexpected costs

When you list an item for $10 and then during checkout that process becomes $15 because of something they were not told of. We are not talking sales tax as people expect that. These are costs that were not on the site originally but during the checkout process new “fees” show up.


When it comes to selling on any business website there are many areas that businesses do not realize that are truly important. Taking the information from above you can help increase your conversion rate within your eCommerce website.

If this article already has sparked an interest and realization that just doing an out of the box solution and not using years of expertise may not deliver the results, you want or need. From our Valparaiso Indiana office, we are here to help you achieve eCommerce success. You can reach us at , email us at, or through our online contact form here.

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