What are the benefits of shopping local?

What are the benefits of shopping local?

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We all here about the benefits of shopping local but really what are the benefits and why would you want to shop local over a national brand? Being Small Business Saturday is going on now it’s an appropriate time to cover why small business is important and why your supporting a local business is beneficial to the economy.

Your local "Mom & Pop" shops depend on the support of the local community. These are your movers and shakers that are trying to change the world one business at a time. These entrepreneurs are looking for you to come back daily or weekly to help them stay in business and grow. With your support, they are able to have a constant stream of revenue and provide a family atmosphere to those that work for them.

Increase your local tax base

When you shop locally you are providing more tax revenue to the local community. Local businesses will buy locally themselves and further increase the revenue spent in the community.


Going to a national chain also will give you jobs that employ residents of your community. Many local businesses will provide more opportunities for growth within the local community. Working with a local business will help not only those being employed but the owners within your community. National chains will send revenue outside of the local community to support the corporate officers.

Product Diversity

National chains are great for mass market appeal. With a local business you get unique gifts that are built for your area. This diversity allows for you to get higher quality products that are often made by-hand and with a passion to provide you the best product possible.

Competition is good for everyone

Local businesses that provide a superior product love the national brands. They know that they provide a better product, better customer service, and an experience the big box chains can only hope to emulate. Growing shops love the competition as they know that once you try their products you will come back more often.


Local business is all about the community. Big box chains may give to the community not because of a love or desire but due to making you feel they are part of the community. A local business gives back in volunteering, revenue, jobs, and more. With this local commitment, your local business has a vested interest in the community.

When purchasing local you are also supporting your community culture and showing your support for those that also give back to the community. Communities, like relationships, only grow when you invest in them.

Chamber of Commerce

Businesses like your local chamber of commerce will purchase from other established local businesses rather than the big box chains or companies that are not local. They do this as they know that the services that are around locally will provide a higher quality of service as they are committed to the community.

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