Walking the Path

Walking the Path

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One of the core aspects of being a growing company in Valparaiso Indiana is each week we reflect on the past week’s activities, business decisions, products deployed and new projects we’ve received in the past week. We do this not only to stay focused for our clients but that we do not waiver from our core business objectives. This doesn’t mean we don’t waiver during the week. We do and have. Decisions take longer than a week to create and implement which is why we have our weekly reflections. In this article we'll cover some of the biggest waivers and how we overcame them.

Information Technology

With a solid background running computer systems for over 1,500 computers, dozens of servers, Microsoft server certifications one would think moving into the Information Technology field would be a proper move. That though isn’t the focus of the company. In the beginning as we were looking for ways to grow the company we took on a half dozen clients on fixing their computers, building their infrastructure, etc. This made a lot of money but pulled us from our web design, software development, and marketing for our clients. After this short trial we stopped doing this and aligned ourselves with many companies that focus on Information Technology but not on technologies that compete with JM2 Webdesigners. This has proven extremely beneficial as we can recommend true experts for specific industries but we can share clients and recommend companies and they in-turn recommend us.

Staff Augmentation

We have some truly great clients. Many, like us, are growing by leaps and bounds. We have helped them grow by augmenting their staff with our own. This has been a blessing and a curse. We do get to help our clients but in-turn that pulls our team from other clients. We saw the benefit to this and was part of the reason for our maintenance programs. With a maintenance program our clients can get time to help augment their team but allows us to correctly balance it and spread our team’s expertise to everyone without missing important deadlines.

Microsoft SharePoint

Don’t get us wrong; we truly love Microsoft SharePoint. In fact, we use it daily to keep track of documents, tasks, and more with our Office 365. We have a lot of expertise in writing software for it as well. The key is the companies that take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint are typically very large organizations where the core focus of the company is helping small companies become larger. We will on occasion help a company by talking about SharePoint with them but our last twelve month SharePoint project was our last. This allows us to focus on branding and marketing for our growing customers and help them reach their regional and national goals.


By sticking to our core we have grown faster and more than we could otherwise. Our clients are better taken care of by making certain that we stick to our core and help small businesses grow to be bigger and better.

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John Marx
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John has been actively involved with technology since computers first came out in the late 1970's. He developed businesses and games as a teenager which still hold his interest. John started out with basic and assembly language, and progressed to Pascal, Delphi, C, C++, and COBOL in his college days. Currently he uses Visual Basic (VB), PHP and C# (his preferred) as part of ASP.Net. Since 1995 John has concentrated his work to Internet web pages and is a strong advocate for pushing web technologies to their maximum potential. John continually writes code in HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3, SASS, and LESS), jQuery, and uses SQL Server to store all of the information he writes. John is a strong advocate for agile development practices, and pushes the use of Internet standards in every application he writes and supports.

John is proud that the team at JM2 Webdesigners is committed to following the company standards of honesty, value, and customer satisfaction.