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Tripling Down on Real Estate

 8/9/2019 |  Views:84 |  Posted by: John Marx |  Reading Time: 3 Minutes, 36 Seconds |  Article Tags: 
Tripling Down on Real Estate

Over the past three months we've enhanced our system for realtors and real estate agents. I am going to cover the top features we've added and outline the top features we're working on for the next release.

What we love about real estate is that even though it's been around forever the entire industry seems to be behind the times of what the home looker is looking for. Being software developers and having dedicated developers on our real estate initiatives we are sure to truly change the industry for the better.

Latest Version (2019-07)

Our latest version was a cleaning of our system of a lot of old code and building the foundation for the next generation in real estate websites. The top ten features we added are:

  • Property View – Map on Left, Map on Right, List (1-column) , List (2-columns) , List (3-columns) , List (4-columns), and of course the ability to have your own custom columns
  • Property Detail – Different views for residential, condominium, town houses, land, commericla, etc.
  • Enhanced Search – Set the display order, set properties as preferred, min/max on bathrooms, min/max on bedrooms, county, city, state, postal code, radius, number of results to display
  • MLS override – Every setting in the MLS can be overridden to fit your unique view
  • Customized agent lists and detail pages
  • Demographics – Schools and demographics based on the latest census data
  • Lead capture with lead follow-up
  • Everything is customizable. There is no setting that can't be quickly customized to fit your brand standards.
  • Ability for real estate offices to set the “brand standard” that all agents have to adhere to but still have complete control over their own independent website page.
  • From the time you have approval for the MLS IDX you will instantly have it. If you are starting out you can have your MLS IDX feed flowing in less than 3 days with your colors, branded logo, and more. This is whether you are a real estate office or an agent.

Coming Version

Here are the top 10 requested features we are working on for our upcoming release. A lot of this will be focused on our real estate offices but will also greatly benefit individual realtors as well.

  • Currently we only cover Northwest Indiana (GNIAR). We are expanding to cover every online MLS provider (over 1,500 will be available)
  • Change the 10-minute update window to when the updates hit the MLS
  • Further enhance lead capture and follow-up
  • Search options
    • Draw the area that you want rather than being just a radius
    • Water front
    • Pool
    • Rental
    • Zoning
    • Terms (cash, FHA, etc.)
    • Min/max year built
    • Min/max taxes
  • More user portal options
    • Recall your previous searches
    • Contact your preferred agent
    • Share a property with someone
  • Calculators
    • Mortgage calculator
    • Home worth calculator
  • More default property detail templates to choose from
  • More detail and more geographic reports for property detail pages
    • City
    • Schools
    • Utilities
    • Demographics
  • More control for the real estate offices
    • Add new agents
    • Create custom agent pages
  • Reporting
    • Daily summary emails
    • Email leads of new properties coming in/out of the market based on their unique needs
    • Create a property report (for buyers)
    • Create a property report (for sellers)
    • Agents to create their own custom reports that are sent out daily
  • Search Engines
    • Tie Google Analytics and Google Ads more into the system where trends are noticed that your Google Ads will change on a daily basis.
    • Ability to set rules for setting SEO keywords, titles, etc. to better rank organically within the search engines


You can tell from the list above that we've added a ton of features and we have a lot more even coming. The best part of what is coming is anyone who is on the latest version will automatically be getting the new features and you also get a say in future updates as well.

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Everything John does revolves around his love for America. As a veteran he knows the importance of sacrifice and giving to others without reward. This has helped him realize the importance of teamwork and working collaboratively together to build up each team member to be the best they can be.

When John isn't writing code or helping businesses grow he spends time with his wife Holly, their children, woodworking, and good old fashioned yard work (decompression time).
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