The Power of a Mobile Workforce

The Power of a Mobile Workforce
 November 23, 2016 |  Views: 512 |  Posted by: John Marx |  Business, Employees

We state we're a mobile company but when events force you to work mobile you start to realize the true nature of being a mobile workforce is. Our office is in downtown Valparaiso Indiana which means we have some amazing opportunities. We are close to great restaurants, local shops, and of course are the first back on when we lose power. Well, that last statement we've learned is not always the case. We have lost power a few times and five or six hours later and the power is still off at times. This doesn't affect us though as we have built our system from the ground up for handling these types of situations.

We have incorporated six key technologies that have helped us achieve greatness even when systems around us have prevented us from working in our corporate office.


All our team members have laptops which facilitate working remotely. This helps in a couple of ways. The first is if we do have a brownout (loss of power) for a short period we can keep working as our wireless is backed up by battery. The second is we can quickly and easily work in a different location (e.g. coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, or even our home).

Email and Connectivity

We utilize Office 365 for all our email communication needs. This gives us full access on our laptops and mobile devices. As a nice perk is everyone can install Office onto their personal computers (desktop, tablet, or laptop).

Skype for Communication

We utilize Skype for instant messaging as well as phone calls. We are incorporating a Frontier (Mitel) Voice-over-IP phone system to give even more connectivity when in the office, through smart phones, etc. as an additional (backup) method so that we don't always have to communicate with our cell phones. The corporate 800 number is also deeply integrated into everything as well which supports receiving faxes from any clients that need to send a fax.

SharePoint for File Sharing & Collaboration

Sharing of files is crucial for any business. With ours we have large graphic and video files. Our solution gives us around 10TB (terabytes) of storage with the capability of accessing the information through email or any internet connected device securely and efficiently.

Mobile Phones

Almost never does anyone leave home without having a mobile phone on them. This is a blessing and a curse for many of us. Our emails, Skype, and file sharing all have the capability of integrating with our mobile devices. Additionally, we have a tight integration with all our servers and receive real-time notification of alerts that happen with them.


No solution in today's world would be complete without the thought of security. Although the last item in our list this was a key focus on everything we've done. Each of the above solutions is as secure as we could get, has remote wipe capability (in case a machine is stolen), and gives us the capability of sending attachments that "expire" after a certain period thanks to the deep integrations with Microsoft Office.


By incorporating these capabilities, we can quickly meet the needs of our clients wherever we are. When we open a new office in St Petersburg Florida like we just did we were able to be operational in a matter of hours rather than days, weeks, or months that would happen using other methods.

Utilizing secure VPN tunnels we can get our work done in efficient and simple matters that allow us to focus on our clients and not where we are located. If the team has a reliable connection to the internet we can work online with their projects. If there is no internet we can get a lot of work done that will automatically sync back to the cloud when the internet becomes available.

If you want to work with a team that has the capability of working with you and helping you grow JM2 Webdesigners from Valparaiso Indiana is a great company for you to align with. You can reach us at 855-456-2669, email at, or through our online contact form here.

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