Planting a seed

Planting a seed

 Sunday, January 21, 2018 |  Views:1,236 |  Posted by: John Marx |  Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 26 Seconds |  Article Tags: 

We all live in our comfort zones and getting out of them is not necessarily fun and why people fall into routines. As a software developer, you would think I would love staying consistent and not pushing myself. That is partially true but I also love to learn on a daily basis and grow myself. Tonight, I wrote the information below to the team (note: this doesn't count as one of the challenge articles I put to them – that would be too simple). We cannot grow beyond our comfort zone without being pushed for a challenge. Our team continues to grow and each individual brings a new perspective into the equation in making us a stronger company as we push nationally in our web design and digital marketing. We believe in pushing ourselves and this is just another effort to push myself into a land I don't know what to expect which is the true definition of life itself.

Okay, we're going to have fun with "John" and see if we can stump him (e.g. me). We're going to do a 30-day blog challenge against John. I will write one blog post per day. The catch is you will be deciding the topics. Being we are 10 strong that will give me 100 topics to choose from. The topics should all relate to either to us as a company or something that would benefit other businesses or individuals wanting to start up a business. Everyone needs to come up with 10 (only 10) blog article subjects. If you get more send them in a separate email to keep my funnel full. Below are my ten to get us started:

  1. SEO and how it benefits your website
  2. Writing authenticate articles from the heart
  3. Writing when you are not a writer
  4. Preparing for a slowdown in business
  5. Ten reasons you need brand consistency
  6. The climb to being an insider
  7. Value of honesty in business
  8. Reaching your audience through stories
  9. The struggle to grow beyond your comfort zone
  10. Why a 30-day blog challenge is important

I will put all into one of our computer programs and it will randomize the subjects and I will release one per day for 30-days. I will have a queue of 100 blog topics and will use that for the upcoming year so all will be written about. These will be fun and potentially entertaining depending on what everyone comes up with. Each I will write between either 4-6am or 8-10pm during my regular study on the latest trends only that I will also be including one of these topics.

During this challenge, I will be placing a seed in the ground (I just did that) and I will water it for 30-days. Will I learn and grow or burn and fail? 30-days will tell. Will I miss a day and make it up on another? Will my growth be as strong if I miss a day? Will this help push me into blogging every day? Well, these are some of the questions I plan on answering.

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John Marx

John has been an entrepreneur and pusher of all things “normal”. He was brought up where a handshake is as good as any word and even more important than any legal speak. John believes in giving back and giving people more than they expect. This is the foundation and basis of JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing. The prices will shock you, the amount you get will shock you even more, and the skills his entire team brings will completely amaze. He has built a team of experts that are talented, young, and efficient. Each one has the characteristics of the company in wanting to see a small business grow and each one goes above, and beyond which makes John beyond proud of them.

So why is John considered the “Code Ninja”. It’s isn’t because people fear ninja’s (they should). They will fight until their last breath defending, achieving the mission, and helping (in this case small businesses). John believes in very surgical strikes to help a business grow using agile methods that change rapidly, in ways people don’t expect, and with a relentless passion to achieve greatness.

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