Our Clients Are Family

Our Clients Are Family
 October 07, 2016 |  Views: 678 |  Posted by: John Marx |  Family, Business

I want to tell you a story. This story is a short one and one that shows what makes JM2 different than most companies. We are small (8 of us currently), we are new (3 years old), but we have a passion (our clients or customers if you will) become part of our family.

One of our clients had a business need that required a special piece of software for reporting which would be installed on our cloud servers. This piece of software though was unique enough that other current and future clients could benefit from it as well. We truly had two options available to us. Make the client pay or pay it ourselves. This was NOT cheap software, several thousand.

Now we could do what many would do and charge each client that needed this unique piece of software and make some "killer profit" as it only needed to be purchased once. We thought about it (for a brief Nano-second – no we are not computers but it really did last that long [maybe less]), then laughed, and said that's not OUR way. So we purchased the software, the client paid NOTHING and now every client we have can benefit from this.

We know that we cannot do every time for our clients but when we see a need to add more capabilities for our clients we try to seize that opportunity. This is one area that our competitors truly HATE. Hate is a very strong word but they do as we don't go by the philosophy of making a lot off of one client. We go off the philosophy of making a small fair amount from each and every client which in-turn adds up over time. When we had a few clients this made everything hard. As we continue to add 2-3 clients per week every week becomes easier.

One would consider this a seriously bad business decision and they could be right for themselves. For us, it shows a long term commitment to all of our clients that we are invested in their business and the success of their business. With the new software we now have another (yes someone upstairs was looking out for us) and they are now going to also be taking advantage of this. This is one of the many reasons they decided to join us.

The moral of this short story is by taking care of your customers, treating them as FAMILY, and doing the right thing ALL the time, you will not only gain from it but continue to GROW larger than you could imagine.

If you want to align yourself for a company that wants to see your business grow and isn't looking for just the next "big thing" let JM2 Webdesigners of Valparaiso Indiana help your business grow. We can be reached at 855-456-2669, email at sales@jm2.biz, or through our online contact form here.

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John Marx
CEO / Owner

John has been actively involved with technology since computers first came out in the late 1970's. He developed businesses and games as a teenager which still hold his interest. John started out with basic and assembly language, and progressed to Pascal, Delphi, C, C++, and COBOL in his college days. Currently he uses Visual Basic (VB), PHP and C# (his preferred) as part of ASP.Net. Since 1995 John has concentrated his work to Internet web pages and is a strong advocate for pushing web technologies to their maximum potential. John continually writes code in HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3, SASS, and LESS), jQuery, and uses SQL Server to store all of the information he writes. John is a strong advocate for agile development practices, and pushes the use of Internet standards in every application he writes and supports.

John is proud that the team at JM2 Webdesigners is committed to following the company standards of honesty, value, and customer satisfaction.