Giving Away Valuable Business Advice

Giving Away Valuable Business Advice
 September 11, 2016 |  Views: 627 |  Posted by: John Marx |  Business, Blog

Often when we are out and about working at Valparaiso Uptown Café we are often asked by one of our loyal blog readers why we continue to give away knowledge that we can easily charge for. In fact, we do charge for the knowledge we share and give away. The reason we do so is to show our expertise to others. Those that pay for us to do work for them like to know we are industry experts while others have the time available to handle the tasks themselves but often don't have the time to do it themselves.


As we write we are actually training ourselves to be better at serving our clients. When you train or teach someone you also learn. Yes, teachers learn every time they teach a subject. They may not learn as much as you do but they do learn. Every blog article we write we learn. Our team reads every blog article which further improves all of our knowledge and expertise while the writer also learns the subject being talked about in greater detail.

Time On Hands

Many of our clients are not yet busy enough to cost justify spending the money on a monthly maintenance plan to build up their business. They see the benefit to having a maintenance plan as even our most basic plans offer more than what most individual companies do for triple the price. They have the available bandwidth (time) and the knowledge we are sharing benefits them to grow their business to a level that when they do get busy enough they will utilize our team of experts.

Curating vs Creation

This is often a tough subject. There are some truly great resources on the internet that have expertise and knowledge. We read these articles for our own knowledge as well. As we read these articles we are thinking of our current set of customer questions that have come up in the past and look for ways to write that information to further help them grow. If all we did was share the information we would learn for sure as the information is valuable but what we won't be able to do is tie it to our client's unique needs or show the expertise that we have. Often the article may be on a completely different subject, like cooking, that we write and tie to a customer in law enforcement. Two completely different subjects but with a spin to help a client grow their business.


Giving away your expertise is not about giving away money. Whether a business is a not-for-profit or a for-profit business they are in business to make a profit and to grow. We create unique content that showcases our expertise for our clients that we work for and those that we are not doing work for right now we can at least help them grow and become better.

If you would like to have us help you grow your business where you focus on your core business and we focus on your online digital marketing strategy give us a call at our Valparaiso office at 855-456-2669, email at, or use our online contact form here.

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