Get your FREE custom-built website today!

Get your FREE custom-built website today!

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We know that sometimes dishing up thousands for a new website is not an option, especially when you are starting your business. You want your business to be found and you want it to be custom made to promote your business. What you don’t want is to pay for a website that will put you out of business. You want your website to generate business and help you grow without nickel and diming you around every corner.

We will never do something where both parties don't win. We want everyone to win. This is why we have our tagline of "We don't do things differently. We do it the right way.". We believe in honesty, security, exceptional customer service, and by treating the environment right. It is with this philosophy that we are now offering a fair solution to help businesses get started, get online, and make their dream come true.

The breakdown

  • 10 business days for a complete working and live website
  • 12-month commitment
  • After 24 months the price DROPS by $70/month
  • Customer provides logo, color scheme, and content prior to work beginning
  • No logo, content, etc. we will work with you to get this done *
    • Once done that is when your 10 business days start
  • The site creation begins upon first-month payment and must be on a credit card
  • Choose a regular or eCommerce website
  • Up to 10 pages for initial site creation
  • Custom contact form
  • No template, custom built for you
  • No branding (e.g. we don't advertise our business on your business)

* - Additional fees may apply for logo creation, content writing, etc. 

What else you get

Any plan built for small business wouldn’t be a JM2 plan without some special deals.

  • The first two years your price will be either $290 (SEO Plan) or $395 (Digital Marketing Plan)
  • You will then be price locked for life at $220 (SEO Plan) or $325 (Digital Marketing Plan)
  • If you want you can also get 10% off by paying annually
    • Paying annually on the digital marketing plan will also get you four free 30-second videos
  • Web hosting and email (up to 50-email addresses)
    • Daily backups
    • SSL/TLS Certificate (green padlock)
  • YEXT local directory
  • Review & reputation management

For a complete list of features visit

Common Questions

  • Do all sites fall into the 10-day business guarantee? - No. There are some sites that require weeks, months, and even years of software development. We will break it into managable phases to get your site out as quick as possible but the more complex pieces will come after the initial launch.
  • Can I quit at any time? - You may quit after the first year. The first year is the requirement to get your website free.

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John has been an entrepreneur and pusher of all things “normal”. He was brought up where a handshake is as good as any word and even more important than any legal speak. John believes in giving back and giving people more than they expect. This is the foundation and basis of JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing. The prices will shock you, the amount you get will shock you even more, and the skills his entire team brings will completely amaze. He has built a team of experts that are talented, young, and efficient. Each one has the characteristics of the company in wanting to see a small business grow and each one goes above, and beyond which makes John beyond proud of them.

So why is John considered the “Code Ninja”. It’s isn’t because people fear ninja’s (they should). They will fight until their last breath defending, achieving the mission, and helping (in this case small businesses). John believes in very surgical strikes to help a business grow using agile methods that change rapidly, in ways people don’t expect, and with a relentless passion to achieve greatness.

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