Creating a Culture that treats employees like CEO's

Creating a Culture that treats employees like CEO's

 Tuesday, September 20, 2016 |  Views:1,817 |  Posted by: Kyle Hovanec |  Reading Time: 1 Minute |  Article Tags: 

When do employees become more than just employees?

It's a question that businesses ask themselves but few often seek the solution. What are the key ingredients in creating a company culture like Google, Zappos and Pixar when employees don't just work, they love working?

Creating an environment where employees invest themselves into their job and enjoy it comes from a company spanning philosophy of keeping everyone at the same level and treating everyone as an equal to one another. Everyone who is employed here is an essential component of our business. There are no loose ends and no meaningless roles at JM2.

Everyone is kept in the loop for all major company updates and progress. There is no "need to know" basis here. By including everyone with each major milestone and update the company experiences, we instill the love and investment we want from employees without making it a requirement. It's just one of the many steps we take to give employees strong incentives to not just do a good job, but to love what they do.

At JM2 we feel that having a career should not be an uphill struggle. It should not be a means to an end. We don't believe in living to work and working to live. We believe in working harder than our competition and working harder to give our clients everything they need to become successful. We also believe that life should be an experience that is embraced and enjoyed.

Here, we work hard but have an incredible amount of fun doing it. We are a business that truly loves helping businesses and we show it in everything that we do. Whether it's NERF guns on our desks for impromptu battles, laughing with clients about the happy moments in their lives or planning on how we can add a pinball machine to the office, we're helping you, we're having fun and we're living life.

If you need help maintaining your website, social media, or search engine optimization JM2 Webdesigners in Valparaiso Indiana is here to assist you and maybe have an impromptu NERF battle as well! We can be reached at 855-456-2669, email at, or through our online contact form here.

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Social Media Special Agent
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Kyle Hovanec

Much like a celebrity agent or real estate agent Kyle manages growing small businesses digital marketing experience. Kyle is always looking at a client’s analytics, current industry trends, and his skills are always top notch. Kyle is the “go to” person for not only current clients but those that are not as Kyle gives public talks (with John) in a tag team method that surprises, educates, and informs people to be better and more successful.

So why is Kyle an “agent”. Well one, his childhood he was always wanted to be one but more importantly over the years Kyle has proven himself as something that every business wishes they had. He’s got a skillset that people try to imitate but always come back to him as he is the true master when it comes to social media. 

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