Creating Organic Content versus Sharing Content

Creating Organic Content versus Sharing Content

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We have a lot of clients that we talk to about the true difference between creating unique quality content and sharing quality content. We have and will continue to state that high-quality content is the best way to get the search engines to start taking notice of your business. The problem with this process though is it takes time to get the search engines and users to notice this quality content. Sometimes taking years to achieve results. So what can be done to get your high-quality content out there as fast as possible?

High-Quality Unique Content

Creating high-quality and unique content should be the goal and objective of every website. The reason being is that no other site on the internet will have that information. You will be the original source of that information. Yes, it will take more time to complete and even longer to get indexed on the search engines.

When creating unique content if you don’t think about items that are date sensitive you will also be moving to the realm of even higher quality content that is evergreen content that can last for months, even years, as it will be effective for a long time to come.

As you create your content, if you are able to create this content consistently, answer your visitor’s questions, and deliver a positive value they will be more apt to share it and like it.

Curating content has a value to every strategy

Creating unique content can take 30-minutes to several hours, if not days to create. As business owners we need to balance this quality content with running and growing our business. If you spend too much time writing content, you can actually hurt your business rather than helping it. Although we create content weekly now we do so outside of our standard working hours of 6am-8pm so that we can stay focused on what matters; our clients.

This is where curating of content can come into play. Sometimes on your website but more often on social media sites. You want to share information that is relevant to your audience, shows an expertise on areas that are relevant to your business and your clients, and drive people to interact on your social media pages.

When you do curate content within your own blog that someone else has written what you can do is put a personal spin on it by writing a short paragraph or two explaining why this article is good for your clients and then either (1) link to that article, or (2) put that article on your site [ask for permission first] making note of who the author is.

Other ways to curate content is to include links to specific blogs, newsletters, and tips and tricks in your own newsletter showing others other sources of information as they will know who provided them the information and go back to you for more quality information.


You will see that having both high-quality unique content and curated content can deliver a positive aspect to your online digital marketing strategy. This strategy can work wonders in building your brand as a delivery of quality information whether it is created by yourself or shared from other highly reputable sources.

If you would like help in generating high quality content, you can contact our team of content writers who are ready to help you create that quality content. They are also experts in finding great information that comes from other sources for sharing on your social media sites to drive more traffic to them as well as your website. If you would like to know more we can be reached at , email at, or through our online contact form here.

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