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Business YETI Design Philosophy

We have a eight step design philosophy that is rooted in providing you a detailed and consistent process. Business YETI uses agile software development methods based on SCRUM. Yes, this is "nerd speak". What it means is we break everything into the smallest "phases" so that you see changes quickly, can adapt to changing business needs, and get your solution out the door as quick as we can. We provides you with a high-quality and professionally written website, branding, marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media to help your business grow.


Because the fulfillment of your dream is our goal, everything begins with you. We will meet with you to understand your personal or company's needs which are often the same. Once we know more about you, we will then research your market to better understand how your website stands within the context of the world. During this step more members of our team may get involved to help achieve your goals.

We will always ask for:

  • 3 sites you like
  • 3 sites you do not like (often this is more important than what you like as we often have very strong feelings on what we don't like)
  • Set a schedule for content, images, biographies, etc. that we need from you.
  • Set a schedule for launch. We always start with 6-8 weeks as that is the average in our receiving the written content (electronically), images, etc.
Discovery process
Overall system architecture for peak performance

Information Architecture

This is the organization step. After we analyze your strategy, we will assimilate the content that you have as well as suggest additional ideas and content that we need to complete and meet your initial set of items that were in the Discovery process; then draft a plan for how your website's information will be laid out. We ensure that, from a user's standpoint, all information will be laid out in a way that makes sense and can be accessed in multiple venues while also taking into account the necessary information that will help people find you on the internet.

This step is often in tandem with the discovery process as part of the discovery process is setting the schedule, information for content, etc. Here we will be creating the overall site layout which can be simple (a few pages) to extremely complex with hundreds, even thousands, of pages so that it flows and makes logical sense to the visitors that will be coming to your website.


The overall design is drafted in this step. From the cumulative knowledge from the preceding steps, including additional knowledge on latest design trends, techniques and web standards we will custom-design your website according to your taste and needs. Depending on the contract details we may provided low or high-resolution samples for approval. In most cases we take the sites you like (and don't) and get started building the overall layout as it speeds the entire process.

As we get started we build a "test site" which will be where you will be able to test all aspects of the site from start to finish. Making certain the lead generation, business logic, and overall feel of the site meets your needs. We won't initially give you this site address as if we give it to you too soon it creates more questions as the site is in a rapidly changing state.

Design a solution that is efficient and works
Create an intuitive front end user experience or UX

Front-End Development

This phase is where a design starts to come to fruition. The front-end development including HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS3 (cascading style sheets), and JavaScript (jQuery) start to work their magic to bring your vision to life. This section also includes content writing, photo selection, further keyword analysis, and on-page search engine optimization of content we write for you or that you provide. In most cases the content is provided by you and we will re-work it as needed to keep a consistent voice throughout the site and meet specific needs of a given page.

During the front end development process the web developers will be working with the graphic design department to make certain the images that are provided or that we have to get fit the overall feel of the site. This includes the proper contrasts, brightness, and sizes.

Back-End Development

This is the phase where higher level functionality gets added to the site including adding the CMS (Content Management System), contact forms, software integrations, eCommerce applications, social media integrations (if more advanced than just linking to a social media page), and more, depending on the functionalities the project dictates.

In many instances our recommended core system will have the necessary plugin modules to meet your business needs. Sometimes we will need to write custom code specifically for your unique business needs. The great thing here is when it is all said and done you won't need to know code. An easy-to-use and intuitive interface that is 100% consistent with the rest of the system will exist so that you have the proper consistency.

Social Media Expertise
Testing and quality control are critical to success

Testing and QA

While testing and QA is done at each stage of the development cycle, the final testing and quality assurance of the site and its functionality is the most rigorous. Each member of our team tests different aspects of the website to ensure maximum effectiveness and usability. Many times, a client likes to be involved in this process as well.

This is the stage our project manager loves. They get to tear your site apart evaluating every pixel on the screen. This is the stage the front end developers truly worry about. The project manager is extremely detailed oriented looking for anything that doesn't make sense or doesn't belong.

After the first pass with the project manager and those changes being done will be when you start to see the test site. The exception here is when a schedule is super tight due to starting late in the game with a very tight launch date we may bring you in to start the process before the first round pass is started or completed to make certain that your targeted launch date is met.

Final Review and Launch

Near the finishing stages of your project, we will review the work done; upon approval and all contract needs are met, your site will "Go Live"!

Going live doesn't mean the process is over. Far from it! This is the final step prior to the real work beginning. We consider the launch like the birth of a child, your child, and the educating of your site, learning from the visitors of your site, and keeping information fresh, relevent, and informative.

Final review and launching the product solution

After "Go Live" Support

Building your website, setting your brand standards, and getting your website launched is only the first step in your digital adventure. Every system we make you have the capability of updating yourself. Our goal is you never update your website. The reason for this is you and your team are busy focused on your customers and growing your business in the real world (e.g. save the virtual world for the JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing team).

If you are on one of our monthly maintenance plans this is where your life gets easy. With a office visit for those lucky enough to be close to our office you can stop in. Even if you are close you might not want to stop by. In this case you can send over an email (support@jm2marketing.com, give us a call on the phone (855-456-2669 extension 0), or putting a task in through the customer portal is all you need to do.

Support Workflow Process

How it all works (at a high-level)

  • Tasks arrive through the Project Managers from client (in-person, email, or phone)
  • One or more tasks are created and assigned to appropriate team members
  • Client receives an mail back to client with appropriate task numbers for tracking purposes and estimated completion dates
  • Communication continues throughout the process with the client during the work happening on the task for those tasks that are scheduled beyond the standard time lines (listed below).
  • Team members work on the task(s), put notes in, and return back to Project Manager that assigned the task
  • Project Managers validate and verify everything
    • If any issues (including new ones from the changes or found during testing) come up the work is assigned back to the team member to remediate and fix
  • Client informed once the requested task is complete and meets the requested requirements
    • If any additional work was done the client is informed of those changes as well
  • Key notes
    • All tasks go through the Project Managers
    • All meetings go through the Project Managers (this is so that a team member doesn't miss anything and the project manager knows exactly what to test and validate)
    • Clients have 24x7 access to the customer portal (if desired -- if you want this let us know!)
    • We understand emergencies happen and we will work on getting those done the same day
    • Maximum turnaround (custom development almost always will take longer, but we will communicate that with you). In most cases items are completed within 1 business day. These are the default values automatically assigned within the system when a task is created.
      • Non Plan customers: 7 business days
      • SEO Plan customers: 5 business days
      • Social Plan customers: 3 business days
  • Levels - To make certain there are testers at every stage we work in a manner that provides a check and balance. Over the years we have this not only eliminates errors, increases communication, and gets tasks done more quickly.
    • Level 1 - The core communicator with the client who does all the recording of tasks and makes certain that items are completed on-time and on-budget.
    • Level 2 - Where the true "work" happens. This group works directly with the project managers and asks questions that the project managers make certain are answered so that they can get the work done. This group will meet and talk with clients but is rare as when they are meeting with clients the work needed isn't getting done.
    • Level 3 - This group is very unique as they will look at business processes that have arrived through the project managers and items that need some extra web development knowledge. If we had a small 5' x 5' box that we could lock them in we would as they are true workers that keep the entire ship operating at peak capacity.
    • Level 4 - Billing and human resources that are around to keep the team in-check and make certain everything is getting done.

Anyone can create you the "best website". What separates Business YETI is our websites, eCommerce, search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media, graphic design, software developers, and reputation management work collaboratively to convert and help your small businesses grow without breaking the bank.

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