Web design & digital marketing jobs in Valparaiso Indiana

JM2 Webdesigners has at its core rule which we call "Rule #1". That rule is "No Lying". Plain and simple. Everything that we do as a company is for the success of our clients and this rule is the basis of that. To read all of our core tenants click here. Our main office is located in downtown Valparaiso Indiana and we do allow employees to work remotely if they show that they can operate independently and continue to meet the deadlines of our clients. If you are interested in any of the positions or have specific questions that are not answered below please send your resume, any samples of your work, and contact information to john@jm2.biz. We will get back to you either by email, phone call or in-person to go over if you would be a good fit or not. We look for passionate individuals that are wanting to be part of a growing online business that is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired business goals.


The core of what JM2 Webdesigners does is software development. Our primary focus is on Microsoft .Net using C# as the primary language. On top of that knowledge in Microsoft SQL Server is necessary as most aspects will involve an enterprise class database for our clients whether you are working for a solo entrepreneur or a company with thousands of employees. The ability to document your work, create Balsamiq wireframes, understand agile design principals is also a requirement. From time-to-time you will interact with clients either doing sales, customer service, or performing training to our clients on the work you've done.

eCommerce Specialist

Businesses are in the business of making money. This is where eCommerce comes into play. You will be setting up eCommerce systems for clients just getting started, adding and editing products, optimizing products for search engine optimization (SEO), and making certain the solutions provided meet our clients needs. You will create the layouts for the eCommerce sites and work in-hand with our graphic designers to create the overall look-and-feel. You will be responsible for training our clients, updating documentation, and keeping all eCommerce sites that you are assigned to be updated and working consistently. You will perform sales calls, handle customer support, and do training with your assigned clients.

Graphic Designer

Our graphic designers are responsible for creating, editing, and improving every graphic image that goes onto our clients websites including our own. The graphic designer will create flyers, brochures, and art work for internal and external projects. Graphic designers will be working on websites for the front-end development for our clients. A strong ability using Adobe products is needed along with an understanding of HTML and CSS best practices. Graphic designers like all other positions need to understand that customer service is an important aspect of the company as is sales as you will be required to perform sales duties as well.


Truly the most potential for financial growth as well as risk is in sales. At JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing we understand the risks people make in sales. You coudl go weeks with no sales and then get a sale a day for a week straight. We push to get three sales a week but don't put any quotas on our sales team. If you are a motivated and honest individual our formula is perfect. In fact, many will do the sales on the side to add supplement income.

Note: Sales is a commission only position. The pay is dependent upon performance. If you average one (1) sale per week you will receive around $26k/year. The goal is for each sales rep to be effective and to get 3 or more sales per week.

Content Writing

We are a group that tell the stories of our clients (and ourselves). Stories resonate, can bring passion, loyalty, and help convert people from browsers to purchasers. If you are a person that has a desire to tell the stories of others in an honest manner we would love to talk with you to see if together we can help small and medium-sized businesses grow.

Internship Opportunities

As an intern you will be able to work in all aspects that are defined above. You will learn all aspects of the company and progress upwardly in the company. As positions open you will be the first one a position is offered to if you are interested in that available position and meet the job requirements.

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