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JM2 Webdesigners has at its core rule which we call "Rule #1". That rule is "No Lying". Plain and simple. Everything that we do as a company is for the success of our clients and this rule is the basis of that. To read all of our core tenants click here. Our main office is located in downtown Valparaiso Indiana and we do allow employees to work remotely if they show that they can operate independently and continue to meet the deadlines of our clients. If you are interested in any of the positions or have specific questions that are not answered below please send your resume, any samples of your work, and contact information to john@jm2.biz. We will get back to you either by email, phone call or in-person to go over if you would be a good fit or not. We look for passionate individuals that are wanting to be part of a growing online business that is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired business goals.
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Director of First Impressions

 Posting Date: 2/24/2018

We have nothing against our Director of First Impressions Lulu except that she is TOO QUIET and doesn't really dress appropriately even in our relaxed dress code environment. We've talked it over with her (again, she didn't say much) and she agrees we need someone a bit more assertive, inviting, and friendly. Don't worry though Lulu Tutu will still have a job with us. We are just changing her role within the company.

We are looking for someone that will be a valued member of our team that wants to grow with us. Those that grow with us have some true foundational elements of being familiar with all of our products, services, and our customers.

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